Madame Janeet

Madame janeet

Madame Janeet is a talismonger and hermetic instructor at the Mayadeva Center for Astral Guidance and Hermeticism, located in Kirkland, Bellevue, Seattle. She is the mother of Sitra and Rajiv Janeet. She is divorced from Sanjay Janeet, who returned to Bangalore after their separation. She resides in an apartment above her shop.

Madame Janeet first met Doc when she was introduced to him by her daughter, Sitra. Rana knew that there was something different about this boy immediately and when she viewed him astrally, she saw that he was awakened, like herself and her son. Her daughter is mundane. Rana and Doc soon met regularly and she counseled him on his skills. They continued to meet and became even closer once Sitra left for Palo Alto, CFS.

Tragedy came on November 22, 2058, when she learned that her only daughter, Sitra had been violently taken away from her the night before. She has since dedicated her time to bringing light to the situation that took her daughter and making sure that the perpetrators have been brought to justice one way or another.

She was skeptical at the news of the return of her daughter. This stranger however possesses the same immortal soul that she knew and believes that it was her daughter’s desire to live that made her return. Her path in life was not yet fulfilled.

Madame Janeet

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