Marcus Cooperman

AKA: The Historian, Face

Cooperman was hired by Junior upon recommendation of Pengrave to steal three prototype simsense chips from Global Technologies. He recruited Val, a rigger for transportation, Griffin a Street Samurai & Freya, and elven mage to assist himself and Tee Hee, a decker who worked on the chips at Global Technologies.

During the exit with the stolen chips, Freya was wounded and left behind per Cooperman’s orders.

He is the last person to have had the chips, per Tee Hee & Freya’s accounts.

He has a fascination with history in general, especially concerning Genghis Khan.

According to Booker Pengrave’s pocket secretary, he is running Genghis Kahn

He was killed in a shootout at a shootout in the Redmond Barrens.

Marcus Cooperman

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