Palace of China

The Palace of China

Soundview Drive West and Brookside Way
For those looking for a trendier nightspot (to do biz or to scope out potential clients/ victims/contacts), the Palace of China is a hip club done in a medieval Chinese theme. It’s popular with the district’s young and wealthy, most of them good corporate citizens out for a night on the town. The club owner, Dustin Kien, is a sorcerer who puts on elaborate illusion shows for his customers.

o Klan Is a member of the Octagon Triad and owes his loyalty to their honorable Incense Master. Chen Kwan-TI. Kwan-Ti sometimes visits Kien at the night club In the wee hours of the morning. What the two of them are up to is anyone’s guess. but I’m sure the Mafia and the yakuza won’t like the results.
o Silver Boll

o Sorry, Silver B. but Kien works with the Seoulpo Rings as a freelance mage, usually the Chason Ring. He’s not Triad.
o Breetvo

o Maybe he’s working both sides of the street? Dangerous business, If so.
o Miss Tick






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Palace of China

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