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Through Sitra’s hard work, the days of our nuptuals finally came. That week prior to January 29th were some of the most stressful of my life. I know that all of that hard work will pay off for us and our family and friends though.

1. Wedding Rehearsal

Our Wedding Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner night arrived on January 28th. All that week I had a hard time reaching my father. When I was able to communicate with him, he was deeply depressed over the events of the previous weekend and the loss of his new object of affection, Dixie Bubbles.

When he didn’t show up at the rehearsal dinner, I began to get worried, and Sitra began to stress out. She had already been stressed all day long, waiting for Henrietta’s flight to arrive at SeaTac. Because of heavy snowstorms in the mountains south of Seattle, there had been inumerable flight delays. Thankfully, an hour before the rehearsal she arrived in town. In regards to my father, he never showed. As long as he is there tomorrow, everything will be okay. The role of father of the groom is quite small, his only duty was to pay for the rehearsal dinner. Oh well, that will be our responsibility now.

One major oddity occurred during the rehearsal ceremony. We were going to have an audio visual component prior to Sitra’s walking down the aisle, showing the two of us (well, at least Dot and I) over the past several months together, doing various things around Seattle. When the video was loaded though, it showed something quite difference. The setting was our bedroom at the Clubhouse, and there on our bed was a tall woman with long blonde hair. It kind of resembled Dot, though obviously wasn’t. Riding her like a stallion was an Byk individual quite familiar to me, and currently standing nearby. The video was quickly stopped by the thoroughly embarrased pastor’s wife. What this means, I don’t know. Does Byk really have some yearning for Sitra, or was this a joke? Either way, he and I will have to talk about this, but now is not the time nor the place.

Everyone did an exemplary job in their roles, and the couples were matched up well, though Red would rather have been on someone else’s arm besides Drake and vice versa. Henrietta and Byk paired up well, and I could tell Uncle Walter was happy walking Sitra down the aisle as her father. Since he doesn’t have children, this will be his only opportunity. I am getting excited about tomorrow.

After our rehearsal, we went to dinner at Lakewood Shezan. The food was good, though a little too exotic for some. Aunt Elizabeth was particularly shaken at the choices, and mentioned something about us not living in the jungle. That’s okay though, this is not her day.

After dinner, we retired to the Tacoma Domes Hotel, where Sitra and I had separate suites. We exchanged kisses one last time before we would next see eachother at the altar.

2. The Big Day

The day of January 29th finally arrived. I woke up early, and was pacing around the suite until Pariah arrived. I told him that I was still unable to reach my father. He did his best to calm me, and suggested that he go and check things out. I said, I think I need you to stay here with me, and I called Byk and suggested that he and Drake take a ride into southern Tacoma to check out his apartment. They set out right away.

The minutes began to click away, as I prepared myself. One time, I told Pariah that I couldn’t stand it anymore, I was going to go see Sitra. He ran in front of me, blocking my way, and said “I will not let you see her until the appropriate time.” They probably weren’t around anyway, as she, Allie, Red, Henrietta, and Padmala were all going to be at the salon / spa doing girly things. Rajiv came in later and said that he had seen his sister earlier, and she was full of nervous excitement. He then said, “Sometime I hope to marry Padmala.” and gave me sad eyes – like his sister hadn’t already talked to me about this.

About an hour before the wedding Byk called and talked to Pariah. They were unable to locate my father. Nervously, I called some of his local haunts and they hadn’t seen him in days. It is sad that he won’t be here for the happiest day of my life.

Just prior to the ceremony, as the guests were trickling in, Uncle Walter came in and said that Dot was ready and more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. Thank goodness Aunt Elizabeth was too busy mixing with the guests to hear that.

I stood at the altar with Reverend Knox and Pariah as the wedding party entered to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. While we were standing there, a woman nearly jumped out of her seat. I remember meeting her somewhere, but not quite sure where. First, Aunt Elizabeth walked down the aisle, with a hat that I swear would prevent anyone from viewing us. She took a seat at the very front, on what would traditionally be the bride’s side. Guests were allowed to sit on either side though. Next was Rajiv and Padmala. In the audience, I could see Madame Janeet in tears. Next came Red and Drake. I scanned from them to Arianna, who had a strange look on her face as Drake walked by. Next came Henrietta and Byk. Finally, Sitra entered with Allie assisting her with her long train. Sitra was the most beautiful I had ever seen her, and glamorous. Everyone watched her as she walked down the aisle on the arm of Uncle Walter. I believe I was smiling from ear to ear.

As soon as everyone had assumed their position at and around the altar, disaster struck, as a man stood up near the front and yelled “Death to the Metas” and sprayed blood from somewhere. It was horrible as several guests, including Aunt Elizabeth were sprayed. Byk was about to launch off the stairs and on to the man, but security personnel rushed in to apprehend him. Everyone looked nervous, and some were spotted with blood. Henrietta said “Sorry” to Sitra, and Sitra said it was her fault too. Reverend Knox said that this was a first for him and suggested we all take a short break to recuperate and we would reconvene in the same spots in a half hour. The man, who I learned was Henrietta’s brother Gustav, was taken away by Lonestar officers. Speaking of Lonestar, I decided to use my astral perception to see if I could tell what was troubling Arianna even before the mishap. She must have some training in controlling her emotions, or at least against perception, because her aura was a blank slate to me.

A half hour later, we resumed, and exchanged our vows, with both of us quoting Arabic love poetry to eachother. After we were married, we all exited the makeshift chapel to the cheering of our guests and the throwing of soy rice. After the ceremony, Sitra retired upstairs to change into something a little more comfortable. I began to meet and greet our guests while the reception room was getting last preparations. Byk seemed a bit confused that I didn’t know a woman that he also knew that was there, named Anichka. Then I assumed that she had been a guest of Uncle Walter, like many of the other guests. Some of Aunt Elizabeth’s family was there too, and they gave their normal lukewarm greetings to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Pariah was arguing with the woman who nearly jumped out of her seat earlier. I wonder what that is about.

When the reception hall was opened, we all entered and assumed our seats, with Sitra and I sitting in the center of the main table, with the groomsmen sitting on my side, and the bridesmaids on hers. The closest table to us included Uncle Walter and Aunt Elizabeth and her family. The seat where my father was supposed to be was empty. For sake of keeping things real, Sitra’s mother sat in the middle grouping of tables with the Rasaguptras, the Blomquists, except Gustav, who’s mother had been in tears, and the Maronis. Some people I didn’t know very well, like people that some of my friends regularly dealt with and that I did not, and friends of friends, sat at tables near the rear.

The rest of the reception went exceptionally well. The dinner was perfect, and well worth the price tag. Toasts were given by numerous people, and there was much clanking of glasses and kisses exchanged.

The band was excellent and I was able to show some of my new dancing skills off, though I was certainly upstaged by Sitra. The night ended quite late for me and some of my friends and family. When we went up to the “Presidential Suite” of the hotel, I tried to lift her over the threshold, but had to rely on a Levitation spell in order to pull it off. After that, she picked me up and carried me to the bed…..

3. The Second Ceremony

Today, we slept in as planned. The second ceremony isn’t until late this afternoon, so we have plenty of time. I tried to reach my father all day long, but never got a hold of him. We thought about opening the gifts we received in the morning, but instead will have a gift opening party / housewarming party when we get home from our Honeymoon at our new apartment. Besides, Sitra had to go early in order to prepare for this evening’s event.

We convened at the Hindu Temple of Bellevue with just a small group of people, really only those who knew Dot’s true identity, and Padmala who Rajiv had told that the ceremony was to honor his deceased sister. I and Sitra were dressed in traditional Hindu clothing, and with the help of her mother, she was fully decked out in jewels and had her arms were covered in an elaborate henna tattoo. She was beautiful. We did all of the normal things associated with a Hindu wedding, and some of our guests seemed quite uncomfortable in these unusual surroundings. Sitra had helped Pariah and Zany write speeches appropriate for the ceremony. We did the traditional walk around the sacred flame seven times, with her leading the way for four circuits. After a meal, prepared by The Mogul, we said our goodbyes to our friends and told them we would see them in a week and thanked them all for helping us with everything. Despite some major issues, it was the best we could have asked for. I told her that as a gift to her, we would be renting that downtown apartment she had been so interested in. She was excited and she said she would work on the designs when we got back from our honeymoon. When we returned to our presidential suite at the hotel for the second time, after having changed clothes at Sitra’s mother’s, our bed was covered in flower petals. Though she had been deflowered before, that didn’t stop me again.

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