Simsense theft

Three prototype simsense were stolen from Global Technologies.

The theft was orchestrated by Thomas Martelli Junior, a department manager of Global Technologies and Booker Pengrave a CEO of Hollywood Simsense Entertainment.

Marcus Cooperman, a fixer, was hired upon Pengrave’s recommendation to assemble a team for the theft. Thomas Martelli Junior had provided an inside man, a decker who worked on the chips, Tee Hee, while Cooperman enlised an elven mage, Freya a human Street Samurai, Griffin for muscle and Val, a rigger for the transportation.

The theft was successful, with only one setback. Freya was injured, and was left behind, under Cooperman’s orders. Cooperman had the chips, and Tee Hee had destroyed the files. He had however, created a backup of the files on Junior’s computer.

Freya avoided capture from the local authorities, seeking refuge at Dr Bob’s Quickstitch.
Tee Hee was found at Dr Hendrix, his former teacher’s house hiding from the authorities, Global Technologies or Cooperman.

None of the chips have yet been recovered. It is suspected that Griffin may be using the ‘Jack the Ripper’ chip, and may be killing JoyBoys and JoyGirls in the Redmond Barrens. It is also believed that Val is also running the ‘Cleopatra’ chip.

Simsense theft

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