Name: Sitra Dorothea Janeet
Aliases: Dot, Den Mother
PoB: Bellevue
DoB: March 19, 2034
DoD: November 21, 2058
Date of Re-Birth: November 1, 2060
Gender: Female Age: N/A
Height: 6’0" Weight: 150
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
SIN: (Expired)

Physical Description

Sitra has morphed from being a slight, yet pretty, Indian woman with long black hair and brown skin, into a tall, striking, blonde beauty. She is now several inches taller than her fiancee, Charlie and is in better shape too. She wears a golden magical engagement ring (Force 3, Armor – Sustained Spell Focus).


Sitra is interested in classical music, drama, poetry artwork, fashion and dancing. She enjoys attending opening night premieres at theatres and art galleries. She can also be a homebody though, and enjoys curling up with a good book or getting addicted to popular video/trideo and Simsense shows. Most recently, she has been discussing with Pariah the changes that Hope Springs Eternal has gone through while she was incapacitated. She also enjoys opportunities to volunteer.


Sitra is the daughter of Rana and Sanjay Janeet. She has a younger brother named Rajiv. Her parents relationship was tumultuous and ended in divorce in 2046. Her father subsequently returned to the place of his ancestors and settled in Bangalore, where he has since created a new family. Sitra had always been an exemplary student receiving perfect grades and participating in many extracurricular activities. She was able to complete her seconday education one year early. She had always wanted to be a doctor, with an emphasis in emergency medicine, ever since her brother Rajiv was saved from the brink of death after a hit and run accident. She received a full scholarship to the University of Washington and entered in 2051. In her dorm at Murray Hall, she met and fell in love with Charles Winston Winfield III, aka Doc Their relationship turned serious during their Junior year. While at Murray Hall, she was a roommate with Henrietta Blomquist, a troll attorney and activist involved with metahuman rights with whom she became friends.

Sitra continued to receive perfect grades during her time at the University of Washington and her hard work paid off when she received a full scholarship to attend Stanford University, the most prestigious institute of higher education west of the Appalachians. She continued to do well there, and would come home quite often to visit her family and Charles. When she came home during the weekend of November 16th, 2058, Charles proposed to her at the Gianelli’s Italian Restaurant and presented her with his mother’s engagement ring. She quickly accepted.

Tragedy struck that following week. On the night of November 21st, 2058, Sitra and her friends decided to take a break from studying and headed to the Domus Night Club just off of campus. This was always a popular place to be with college age kids. While she and her friends were dancing to the popular music of the day, three heavily armed men stormed in and began shooting at some other shadowrunner types sitting at the bar. They pulled their guns and fired back. In the gunfight that followed, five of the combatants were dead and 23 innocents. Sitra was among those slain. Due to the soupy mess of all of the bodies, it was difficult to determine which body parts belonged to whom.

A funeral was held for her in Seattle, and some of what were believed to be her ashes were strewn in the Puget Sound. The remainder of her ashes were brought by Rajiv to India where they were dispersed in the River Ganges.

Sitra was in fact not killed at the Domus nightclub. Sitra was lightly injured at the nightclub and taken unconscious by ambulance to nearby Stanford University Medical hospital. No ID was on her when she was admitted. Through clever manipulation of the medical system at the hospital Juan Carlos Pataya an agent for Aztechnology transferred Sitra from the emergency room admitting area to an ambulance bound for LA. Pataya’s mission was to kidnap people displaying various nationality traits. A beautiful Indian woman worked well for his plans.

Within a few days Sitra was in a carefully hidden research hospital in Tenochitalan her DNA was meticulously analyzed and stored. Radical DNA grafting medical procedures were performed and suddenly Sitra’s health began to rapidly decline. Through a revolutionary new technique that Aztechnology had secretly devised they stored her entire memory matrix on a computer. Aztechnology had planned to restore her memory matrix onto a clone body and return her to the population with no one knowing the difference. However problems commenced. The cloning program hit a snag and several DNA templates were destroyed. Among those, Sitra’s. Additionally three years would pass before finally the cloning process was a success. Also in September of 2060 a Renraku subsidiary that was specializing in Veterinary Cybernetichs hired a decker to invade Aztechnology and data steal all of their Veterinary DNA research. Little did they know that it was behind this front that Aztechnology had hidden its Cloning research. Sitra’s memory matrix was somehow released into Renraku’s servers. Sitra roamed the servers sending E-mails to her mother, brother, and Doc.

For almost two years, Sitra existed in virtual reality before gettting into contact with Doc again. Through the miracle of clone technology, Sitra was reintroduced to the living world in a new host body. She has her original personality and voice, but has grown several inches taller and has morphed into a Nordic beauty.

After having some slight physical alterations made, Sitra now volunteers for Dr. Maroni at Reliable Health Care when she is not attending to Doc’s “tin men” compatriots. While attending there, she goes by the name of Dot. She does not appreciate the advances made on her by some of these housemates, and knows of the perfect mate for one of them.

Its funny and somewhat irritating at times when Drake and Byk comment how they have seen Sitra naked, while a clone, and have the pictures to back it up. I asked Chips to help delete this information, and he thinks he got it all from them. While it irks me, Sitra is much more at ease with it, and she says that as their physician she has seen their family jewels and I have nothing to fear.

She and Doc were married on January 29, 2061.

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