Takashi Ito

     Takashi Ito is a Yakuza Shateigashira (Second Lieutenant). He was born an elf but could hardly be identified now as one. Every portion of his body has been replaced and his “Skin” is simply a gun metal black exoskeleton holding in his internal systems. He typically wears a kendo outfit with a hooded trench coat over it. Kendo Looking into the hood when it is at all dark out, the viewer will see nothing at all as even his cybereyes are gunmetal black. The legs of the kendo outfit are very baggy and they conceal his unusual back swept legs though his gait is not at all natural for a biped. Takashi is primarily an assassin who answers directly to Hanzo Shotozumi the Oyabun of the Seattle Yakuza.
     Takashi is not happy where he is but his honor requires that he continue to serve Hanzo Shotozumi with loyalty. Three years ago a group that call themselves the Cyber Dragon Clan split off from the main Yakuza organization and when they left the Oyabun ordered a group to go break them and return them to the fold. That group was lead by Takashi’s brother. The entire force was lost, each member was found dead, dismembered, and dishonored. Since then Takashi has wanted revenge but Hanzo Shotozumi has refused to allow him to attack. Takashi will be around when the group talks to the Oyabun and he will attempt to subtly tail the group assisting them as he can. Disguise is not his strongest suit however and the group is likely to catch onto him fairly quickly.
     Takashi appears to others to be totally devoid of personality as his cyberware and bioware has pretty well isolated him from all human feeling. He is incapable of feeling pain and is well night unstoppable. Nothing short of death will stop him once he begins to fight. The Yakuza has invested over twenty million nuyen in Takashi’s cyberware and they have so far been pleased by the results that they have received.
     Secretly Takashi wants to be free. The only way he knows to escape his current life is to die as he cannot dishonor himself by leaving his master but he cannot live while his brother’s killer remains unpunished.
     Takashi was born into the Yakuza and it is the only life that he has ever known. He was born in Seattle and has traveled only very rarely. Once, he went to Tokyo to swear fealty to the grand Oyabun, the remaining times, he has traveled to assassinate targets that were assigned to him by his master.

During a mission where the adventuring party fought Wei Lange of the Cyber Dragon Clan he was imolated by Wei Lange in dragon form, only through the assistance of the party did he survive.

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Attribute Base Modified
Body 6 10
Quickness 7 9
Strength 3 7
Charisma 6 6
Intelligence 6 8
Willpower 5 5
Reaction 8 12
Initiative 12 + 3D6

Athletics 4
Pistols 6
Cyber-Implant Combat 5
Throwing Weapons 5
Intimidation 3 Physical 5
Stealth 5
Biotech 2
Athletics Background 1
Pistols Background 3
Cyber-Implant Combat Background 2
Throwing Weapons Background 2
Intimidation Background 1
Stealth Background 2
Art 6
Yakuza Territory 6
Yakuza Tactics 6
Yakuza Organization 6
Literature 6
Criminal Organizations 6
English 4
English read/write 2
Japanese 4
Japenese read/write 2
Sperethiel 1

Cyberware Rating
Move By Wire System 2
Internal GPS
Math SPU 1
Jolt Alert
Ares Duel Bound Smartlink 2
Obvious Cyber Skull
  • Orientation System
  • Horns
Obvious Cyber Torso
  • Radio                                                                              6
Kid Stealth Leg Right
  • Foot Anchor
  • Cyber Holster
  • Strength                                                                         3
  • Quickness                                                                      3
Kid Stealth Leg Left
  • Foot Anchor
  • Cyber Holster
  • Strength                                                                         3
  • Quickness                                                                      3
Obvious Cyber Arm Right
  • Cyber Arm Gyro Mount
  • Retractable Spur
  • Shock Hand
  • Strength                                                                         3
  • Quickness                                                                      3
Obvious Cyber Arm Left
  • Cyber Arm Gyro Mount
  • Retractable Spur
  • Strength                                                                         3
  • Quickness                                                                      3
Bioware Rating
Cerebral Booster 2
Damage Compensator 9
Pain Editor
Platelat Factories
Trauma Damper

Ruger Thunderbolt X2
   Conceal: 2 Damage: 12S Modes: BF Ammo: 12©
     4 Clips APDS per gun.

4 FlashPak Grenades
Hooded Securetech Lined coat Ballistic 4 Impact 2
Pocket Secretary
Kendo Outfit (Very baggy legs on pants) (Black)
Silk Face Scarf (Yellow)
Samurai Mask (Yellow)

Takashi Ito

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