The Judge

Arriving at the Eager Beaver in twenty five minutes, you are amazed to find that he is already there sitting at the center dance floor. As Red approaches he shoos her away saying, “They can’t see me with you. Go change and then bring me to the back rooms.” Going to the back and dressing the part you come out to see that Judge Brown has moved, he is now sitting at a table with two large oriental men. Though they are dressed in business suits, you really can’t help but notice the tattoos on the backs of their hands and necks.

Assuming she convinces the men to let her take the judge to the back room…

“Thank you so much. I am in a lot of trouble and I really need help. Since your … help last year, the Cyber Dragons have been troubling me constantly. They think that I hired someone to take out their saiko-komon and have since sent men to my home, to my office, even to the courtroom where I am presiding. Some of these guys are even dressed like those goons out there. It is bad enough that they own me, now they are intent on destroying me. I don’t know what you did before but I need … I need you to do more. You and your friends, you have to stop these guys. I am so sorry to come to you, Emily, but you are the only one I know who can do this. I have to go. Those guys will be looking for me soon if I don’t go out there.” This is the last time that the Judge will be seen alive. Assuming Red watches him go, she will see that the judge is escorted out of the dance club and into a waiting Mitsubishi Nightsky. His body will be found the next day at the west end of NE 108th Street in The Redmond Barrens.

Talking to the people on the streets (Street Etiquette (4); Negotiation, Intimidation, Interrogation (5); also a success may be bought for 100¥) will give the following results:

1 Success “Yeah we found him this morning, what a mess.”
2 Successes “He was really messed up, like parts were missing and there was a lot of blood.”
3 Successes “The guys that chopped him up were using Samurai swords and they chopped for a long time”
4 Successes “The guys had tattoos all over them and one of them said something before they left”
5 Successes “He said, ‘When you are bought you stay bought, you kill one of ours we kill all of yours’”

Judge Martin Brown was killed by the Cyber Dragon Clan of the Seattle Yakuza. This group of the Yakuza is making a big move on leadership of the entire Yakuza and their Oyabun is actually a Dragon. If the party trys to talk to the rest of the Yakuza, they will be informed that the Cyber Dragons are out of control and their actions are no longer of their concern. If they were to be destroyed, there would be no repercussions on those that destroyed them. Takashi Ito will follow the group and he will “accidentally” assist them in any way possible to point them to the Cyber Dragons location. The Cyber Dragons control a large portion of Tacoma.
The Cyber Dragons are primarily located in an abandoned prison in Tacoma. The sides of the main floor have been divided into many small rooms two stories tall, A large open area taking up most of the warehouse has tables scattered about for recreation, a large sparring mat, and a few boxes of stored materials. The back of the building has a large executive office. To the right of the Executive office is a large Kitchen/Dining room.

Takashi will stop at nothing to destroy the Cyber Dragons and if the party is successful will gift Red with a small jewelry box. In the box will be the tip of his right pinky finger (It is cybernetic). He will also become a level 2 contact for Red.

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The Judge

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