Walter McKinnon


Mr. Walter James McKinnon – R – represents the 4th Aseembly District of Tacoma in the Seattle state legislature and is maternal uncle to Charles Winfield aka Doc. He never got along with Doc’s father, and always thought that he was not good enough for his sister. Chuck was much too low for a person with her pedigree and charm. Whenever there were family events or when Walter would stop by for a visit, Chuck was always drunk. Susan’s early death was proof that Chuck was a poor choice.

After Susan’s death, Walter would try to look after his nephew, but he was always too busy. When Charlie’s magical aptitude was revealed, Walter turned his back even more. Finally, feeling guilty at an older age, he arranged for Charlie to receive a scholarship at the University of Washington so he could do better than his father. Though he was disappointed that Charlie dropped out of medical school, he still looked after his nephew and tried to keep him out of any trouble.

When Charlie told him that he was to become a Shadowrunner, Walter told him he would help purchase his initial equipment. He also told Charlie he did not want to know anything that he did, but just in case something involved the city of Tacoma, he should give him a heads up first.

Walter has been in the state assembly, representing the prosperous fourth district of the City of Tacoma for eight years. Prior to that, he was a city councilman for two terms. He aspires to one day to represent Seattle in the UCAS Congress. He is overly ambitious and will do anything to get ahead. He likes to collect people – those that will help advance his career. He lives in the prosperous Ruston, Tacoma neighborhood with his wife Elizabeth in an old mansion. They have no children. She and Walter met when he was fraternity president at Iota Delta Psi at the University of Washington and she was president of the Kappa Mu Alpha Sorority there.

Walter is proud of his Scottish ancestry from the Isle of Skye, is a member of the American Scottish Foundation and hosts a St. Andrews Day celebration on the Saturday closest to November 30th every year. He wears a kilt featuring his family’s tartan for this celebration.

In his nephew’s wedding ceremony, he played the role that would be traditionally held by Dot’s father.

Walter McKinnon

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