Wedding Details

All fellow DV-8s are invited, along with any guests they may wish to invite. Besides the group, the couple, and Sitra’s immediate family and Sitra’s close college friend, no one else knows of her true identity.

The rehearsal is to be held the day before, in the late afternoon, and the dinner is to be held at the Lakewood Shezan in Tacoma. After the rehearsal, the bride and her bridesmaids will stay at a large suite at the Tacoma Domes Hotel, while the groom and groomsmen will return to the clubhouse, or attend a bachelor’s party.

For the groomsmen, Pariah, who has been adventuring the longest with Doc will serve as Best Man, Byk, Drake and Sitra’s brother Rajiv will round them out. For the bridesmaids, Zany will be Maid of Honor – with the DV-8s often gone, the two of them have grown close. Other bridesmaids include Henrietta Blomquist, Red and Rajiv’s girlfiend Padmala Rasaguptra.

The bridesmaid’s gowns are a canary color. The colors of the wedding are gold and orange. The bride’s gown is a customized Straight Line brand, offering some additional protection. The groom’s tuxedo is of the Armante Dallas line.

There are approximately 75 guests totally invited. Walter McKinnon invited many of them himself, including Tessa Muir, in order to gain some additional supporters for his campaign war chest. Though Doc and Sitra wanted a civil wedding, his uncle and aunt insisted on having one performed by the church. Doc agreed and Uncle Walter asked his friend, Reverend Knox, a Presbyterian, to officiate. Reverend Knox can normally be found at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, in Tacoma. instead he ill instead perform the ceremony in a separate room at the hotel location. There will be a small security detail hired to check guests upon entry. Uncle Walter is to perform the role of Dot’s father and escort her down the aisle.

The reception will be held in a much larger room with an open bar, dance floor and live band. Three meal options are available, all consisting of real food: a vegan lasagna, cajun chicken or roast beef. The music selections will include a string quartet to perform during the meal itself, a bagpipe corps for a few songs and live musicians to perform various current and older hits for dancing.

bride   groom

The happy couple has gotten some replies on the invitations, and Sitra is overjoyed that her friend Henrietta will be in attendance. Strangely, though, Doc received word that Henrietta’s brother, Goose, wants to attend as well. When Doc asked Sitra about him, she said the more the merrier. Sitra said that she met him a couple of times when she was in college, and he seemed okay, though a little odd. Aren’t we all?

The day following the Christian wedding service, a wedding performed in the Hindu tradition will be held at the Hindu Temple of Bellevue at 4pm. This will be much smaller in scale, and will largely include members of the wedding party and select guests. It will be catered by The Mogul.


Following this service, the couple is intending on going on a honeymoon to the Hawaiian Islands.

Wedding Details

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