Wei Lange

Leader of the Cyber Dragon Clan a splinter group of the Yakuza. Wei Lang is in fact an eastern dragon and a magician. In his human form he appears as a middle aged Asian man bespectacled and wearing a bright blue and red outfit.

Wei lange

In dragon form he is a sinuous beast 15 meters long with bright blue and red scales.

Wei Lange has led the Cyber Dragon Clan for approximately one year and has been a member of the Yakuza Since the 1500’s. Wei Lange awoke in 2048 and rejoined his fellows in the Yakuza, never mentioning his special status but secretly bemoaning the Yakuza’s present weakness. If nothing stops him, he plans to take over the Seattle Yakuza and using its power, lever himself into the eventual leadership of the entire Yakuza organization.

Wei Lange was injured in a battle with the shadowrunners and most of the Cyber Dragon Clan was killed during the battle.

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Wei Lange

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