Where's Chips

Phone calls to Chips results in the following message, "Dude I am totally chillin’ relaxing and watchin’ this dude beat the ever living crap outta this other dude. Woah, ya see that? That was really cool. So if you like wanna Beep

Last time you heard from Chips, he had said he found a cool new pad behind the Stain Free Mattress Company you take this to mean a dumpster as that appears to be his normal home. Behind the factory that is conveniently only five blocks away in Renton, you find Chips’ Eurocar Westwind 2000 parked next to a dumpster. Surprisingly the door to the car is locked, unsurprisingly, the window is open. Calling his name, you get no answer from the nearby trash bin, but looking inside you can tell it must be his home. In an untidy nest at the center of the dumpster you find a tangle of blankets, One of which looks exactly like the one that Byk has been missing for a few weeks, also in this tangle is a variety of junk food wrappers, Nuke-and-Serve entree containers, Freeze-Yo-Brain frosties jugs and a platinum credstick with the Novatech logo stamped on it. The car, as usual is spotlessly clean inside and out. A business card with the logo for, “Mystix siteseers” is in the visor over the driver’s seat.

Mystix Siteseers is an old fashioned palm reading shop in Everett. Madam Zorra will offer to read the groups palms but will not have anything to say about Chips. She will claim to know nothing at all about him. She is awakened and she is very good at Mind Control spells. Assuming that the party gets past her they will find Chips in the back room of the shop plugged into the Matrix. If the party questions him, he will say, “Just been having the time of my life making the greatest ever Palmistry and Mysticism matrix node that anyone has ever heard of.” Chips usual slow and confused (Stoned) voice pattern will be totally lacking here. Yes Doc, there is a spell on him.

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Where's Chips

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